A colorful throw pillow can certainly change the look of your room. So, why not utilize this design hack and revamp your room to make it appear like one of those amazing scenes from an interior design magazine? Here are a few trendy pillow combinations to add color to your room:

10ways-floor-rug1. Take help from Nature

Need to brighten up your dull colored living room couch? Add a natural color palette! These green, white and grey colored pillows will certainly make you feel fresh!

2. Let Gold make its Statement

A large gold pillow is certain to bring in the much needed color to your seating area! Brighten up your chairs with bold colored pillow.

10ways-modern-bedroom3. Add Turquoise

This bright color is surely going to grab everyone’s attention. Either you’re looking to add color to your living area or your bedroom, these pillows are just perfect!

4. Hot Pink

Get that chic pink in your living room! Blend it with white or a dark shade of pink and maroon to make your couch bright, lively and exciting!

5. Vibrant Colors

Want to transform your dull, boring room into an energetic space? Try adding vibrant colored pillows to your room! These lively colors will surely get you the look and feel you’re looking for!

10ways-colorful-pillows6. Indulge in Yellow

Bright yellow colored throw pillows create a great look with white sofas. Bring this lively color to your living room and witness the change in its look and feel!

10ways-beautiful-basketwork-furniture7. The traditional Black and White

Flaunt your funky seating area with the traditional black and white combination! Obviously you cannot add this color to an already dull colored couch or sofa. Try incorporating this traditional touch to bold colors such as red, orange and yellow seating spaces and get the look you’re craving for!

10ways-orange-interior8. Bring in Orange

This bold color is certain to brighten up your mood. Orange looks great with all light colors and even combines well with black interior! Add orange pillow and make your living room exciting! But make sure to limit its usage. You want it to complement the room; not clash with it.

10ways-pillows-vivid-colors9. Get Rainbow In

Get your white interior pumped up with amazing rainbow colored throw pillows. These colors are sure to make your space look incredibly awesome!

10. Neon Shades

Got an all white bedroom? Burst your room with neon shade pillows. These dazzling colors are sure to brighten up your unexciting room!

Inspired by these ideas? We, at Boca Bargoons have some more exciting ones waiting for you! Our interior design specialists at each outlet will assist you. Come visit us; We’re certain you’ll walk away with some great designer fabrics and interior décor ideas!