Bored of the routine décor designs? We bring you international design trends from South Africa to Japan. Add a touch of global inspiration when revamping your home with these amazing design trends from around the world:


The flaunt masters! Germans spend a lot on their interiors. Elegant, trendy and expensive décor is what Germans prefer. Follow the Germans if you don’t mind spending hundreds of dollars on home interior.


Russians are sentimental about the past, and their interior depicts the same. Their home designs are a mix of the past and the present. They’re fond of expensive antique objects with which they decorate their homes. An impressive blend of contemporary and non-traditional furniture is the Russians way of decorating their homes!


Italy has a lot more left to give to the world than mouthwatering pastas and its beautiful city, Venice. Italians follow a completely different décor trend. They combine materials like metal, wood, leather and silk for furnishings. These amazingly creative and innovative combinations give that much needed new and trendy look to your home. If you’re craving creativity, this is all you need to do – combine materials!


For all the craft and color lovers out there – follow this new décor trend! Even though India’s industrialization had hampered the craft industry, craft is back in the country. Designs inspired from all over the world are being crafted and the country’s steps towards craft revival have made it an emerging trend. Also, they tend to incorporate more colors into their home décor initiatives.


The Japanese love nature! And their green interiors are an illustration of just that. The urban residences specifically in Tokyo are small and do not have any space for gardens and even plants. Thus, Japanese have transformed the designing trend by adopting green. All nature lovers, add that green touch in your interior to adopt this design culture.

South Africa

Tempting textures, vibrant colors and appealing interior is what South African designing culture is all about! A complete blend of all these décor aspects defines a modern South African home. So this time when revamping your home get a South African blend of all these aspects to give it a modern look!

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