Over the years, rules of decoration have been created, which have been religiously followed almost by all of us. But, just like time, décor and fashion have changed. What seemed inappropriate a couple of years ago, is in fashion and trending today.

Today, there are no rules when it comes to decorating. So, here in our first part of this blog, we debunk five myths related to interior designing:

Myth # 1: Small Rooms must be painted White

There’s a common misconception that dark colors make small rooms look crammed, while white or neutral colors brighten up the small space. The size and scale of a room have little to do with the wall color, and more to do with the placement of the furniture. You can create a warm and inviting space even with the addition of colors and accessories in your small space.

Myth # 2: Dark Rooms? A complete No-No

It is often thought that dark rooms are uninviting, which isn’t true. Dark rooms add a touch of glamour and drama. They create spaces that are warm. With a couple of artwork hung on the walls, your room can make a bold statement. Keep your furniture proportional to your room and experience the magic of dark colors!

Myth # 3: Say no to Pattern-Print Combination

Don’t mix prints and pattern. Why not? This combination is a great way to add texture, color and a touch of your own personality. Checks, stripes, florals – all can be merged for a unique combination! But, while doing so, make sure that you stick to your room’s color combination.

Myth # 4: Couch – The King of all Furniture

Where’s the couch? Considered as one of the most important piece of furniture, couch is considered to an essential furniture piece in your living room. But, what if it’s not there? There’s no rule. You can choose to omit it if your home décor is casual. Decorate your home according to your lifestyle.

Myth # 5: Everything should Match

Curtains should match the wall color, the rugs should match the room décor, the dining room chairs and table must match, the sofa and throw pillows must coordinate. Well, not necessarily! You need not get everything that matches the room décor and wall colors. You can always get contrasting colors in your room and create a different look.

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