Whether you have bought a new home or want to uplift an existing one, there are tons of options at hand. However, only a few have the feasibility to slip within your budget. Nonetheless, there are a lot of things that you can do to quickly fortify the look of your home without drilling a hole in your pocket. Sometimes, the smallest thing can help you in getting something really impactful and appealing.

If you are stuck with some really quick and easy home makeover ideas, here are the top 5 incredible things that you can do to add a touch of elegance and high-end life to your home:

paint1. Paint, Because Colors Matter

If you are after elegance and sophistication, then nothing can revamp the look of your home more than a new paint. There are a range of colors from the color palette that can add a pinch of glamour to your old, dull-looking home. Of course, getting the walls painted is one of the most complex things to decide when the remaining décor of the home will have to complement the paint of the house; but it’s worth the effort. Generally, you will come across two options: Bold & dramatic colors and soft hues. The choice is completely yours depending on your taste and color personality.

pillows2. Pillows And Comfort Go Hand In Hand!

Needless to say, pillows give an instant impression of comfort and luxury, if chosen rightly. However, they add a pinch of grace and classiness too. Beyond bedding, you can place some really soft, comfortable and layered pillows on the couch to give your guests much-needed comfort and coziness. Specifically talking of throw pillows, don’t go for the ones sized around 12-18 inches; rather go for large pillows to generate a plush, fulfilling appearance.

windows3. Get Your Windows Treated

To put it in simpler words, home renovations without treated windows look incomplete and cheap. It may be hard to believe but window treatments are one of those budget-friendly options that add beauty and privacy to homes. Avoid opting for unlined materials that have no appearance and impression. Instead, go for lined draperies that add richness and luxury to your home. All in all, it’s best to stick with natural silk, linen and cotton.

4. Hardwood Wins Over Carpets

While many people think and believe that wall-to-wall carpeting is the best way to add softness and warmness to one’s dwelling, the latest trend is the opposite. Hardwood flooring is an incredible way of adding elegance and class to one’s home, that too at an affordable price range. Even though hardwood floors are an investment, they yield benefits more than you would expect. With lifetime durability (along with lamination), hardwood floors offer a decent ROI.

fabric5. Add a New Flavor to Your Space

One of the smallest yet most impactful things that you can do is replacing the old accessories with new ones. From the decorative items to home accessories such as curtains, vanities and upholsteries, these minor changes can add a fresher, flavorful and spiced up look for your home.

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