You have recently moved to a new place and can’t wait to set it up in a way which reflects your personal style! You know everything about home décor and are ready to overhaul this new space of yours, but do you know where to stop? Here are the home décor mistakes that you should avoid:

Overly Themed Rooms

Tropical prints, bold sheets and walls – if this is what your room consists of, then you should consider changing the look of it. Make sure to combine aspects that blend well. Curtains and bed sheets should complement the overall look of the room. In addition, the walls should be painted in combination of a similar shade, but not exactly the same.

home-luxury-apartmentForgetting the Windows

Windows – an important area that most of us forget when redecorating our rooms! Custom window treatments according to your room will help you pull off an amazing looking window. Choose the color of the curtains according to the theme of the room. Hang them two inches above the window to increase the room’s height. You can even have bare windows, but it all depends on your choice and the look of the room!

Bulky Furniture

Don’t buy everything for your room without considering the space. If it’s a small room, do not opt for dark colored sofas, chunky coffee table and a huge TV set. Instead, keep it light, buy a glass top table and a small Television stand. A smart way of purchasing the right furniture for any of your room is to measure the room to make sure that the new furniture fits in.

home-dining-table-on-patterned-rugFloating Rugs

When decorating with rugs, do not forget to anchor it with a piece of furniture. Rugs that are made part of the room just for the sake of it and are not anchored by furniture give the room an untidy look. Also, do not put a runner in the largest room of your house. Whenever, you plan to use a rug in any of your room, make sure to put furniture feet on the edge of the rug to make the room organized!

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