It goes without saying that the world of interior design is perpetually evolving and changing. As a matter of fact the the only thing that is consistent is the fact that there will always be change. Interior design is organic in nature and we can definitely see a lot of that in this years design trends. Below are just a few examples of current organic trends for interior design.

All That Glitters is Gold

Gold is a bright and cheerful color and it is showing up everywhere this year. From home accents and decor to finishes and furnishings, there is almost no limit to the many ways gold can be used to add vibrance to a space.

Recycling is Not Just For Your Old Cans And Bottles Anymore

Refinishing and reusing old furniture and accessories is definitely a big trend this year. With a little creativity and the right fabric, just about any decorative item or piece of furniture can be revitalized and made beautiful and useful again.

Traditional And Contemporary Can Be a Perfect Pair

From the use of vintage materials, and materials from local producers, designers are connecting interior design with a consciousness of the environment. This can be a very courageous but also fun and creative endeavor when combining the energy of todays modern world with touches of tradition or even retro styles. Mixing it up a bit can really add a splash of simplicity and even warmth and friendliness to an area.