In our previous blog, we discussed five interesting easy home makeover ideas. This blog will continue and will list the remaining five home décor ideas:

living-roomKeep Furniture away from Walls

This is a great way of making your home spacious! Not only does it create space, it also gives the room a new and fresh look. But make sure you do not make the room cluttered by bringing all the furniture in the middle. Place the furniture cleverly away from the walls and in middle of the room.

zebra-sofaReupholster Furniture

Want to give your old furniture a new look? Reupholstering is the answer! Instead of buying a new sofa set or other pieces of furniture, change their fabric and give it a new look! Sofa coverings make a great difference and can completely change the look of your home. You can make it look trendy and fashionable by making use of patterned, floral or animal print fabrics!

luxury-apartmentLight and Dark Colored Curtains

Not many of us realize, but curtains play a huge role in redecorating homes and changing the look of your room! With incredible designs and colors, curtains can make your room look bright, but not selecting the right one can even create a dull and boring look. Combining light and dark colored curtains will help in enhancing the overall look of your room!

Decorate Corners

We usually forget paying attention to small details! Have you ever considered decorating that abandoned corner in your room? Or your living room? We rarely do! When redecorating your home, do not forget to include an impressive piece of furniture in that lonely looking corner! It’s a part of your home – make it look like one! Including a couple or a single trendy chair with a small coffee table will certainly do the job!

wicker-furniture-in-lit-spacious-home-with-porch-view-at-nightInclude Nature

Who doesn’t like being close to nature? Enhance the look of your home by including plants! Obviously, not every type of plant can be used in the living room – so make your decision wisely! Bamboo plants look best inside the home. Also, keep in mind to properly maintain these plants on a regular basis.

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