With the winter season just round the corner and the holiday enthusiasm picking up pace, most homes are likely to undergo some serious makeovers. Yes, we said ‘serious’ – truth is, a lot of people tend to make an array of changes to their homes, preparing for the holiday season, but because the efforts lacks cohesiveness, they tend to fall flat. So the question remains, ‘how to properly warm up the house for winters?’

The key is not to go overboard with the changes. Simple and subtle alterations and a few additions can do the trick. Check out the ideas below.

Light Up That Hearth

As temperatures take a dip, light up that fireplace and arrange your furniture around it. Make it the focal point of your room and bring in warmth to share a cozy space with your family and loved ones. Works best for living rooms, entertainment areas, or dens.

Layer It Up

Using layers of bedding, textures, pillows, and throws is a great way to style up your bedroom for the winters. Fabrics like velvet and cashmere add the cozy element to your room, making it your safe haven, a refuge from the harsh winters. Home décor fabrics of all kinds are easily available at our fabric and upholstery stores.

Color It Up

Winter generally brings with it an aura of bleakness with it – everything becomes cold and stark. To keep the winter blues to a minimum, add pops of cheerful colors. Again, we’d remind you to keep it simple; there is no need to spend a ton to achieve the same effect that some relatively inexpensive brightly colored pillows/cushions would accomplish.

Pull In the Rugs

Sheepskin rugs work wonders in winters; place one next to your bed or in the living room. They are warm and cozy and you can even layer them up to add a little bit more of the wintery feel. They are perfect to provide your feet a place to nestle in and the much needed warmth during the cold days.

The Scent of Winter

The décor can and will go a long way in helping you ready your home for the winter season; adding the scents of the season will bring in an extra charm to the wintery feel in your house. Scent of pine needles, cinnamon, and even evergreens will make your home fragrant and appealing to anyone who steps foot in the premises. Put a bowl of seasonal potpourri in the kitchen or the living room and let it spread its magic around your home.

Make the most of this winter season as you set to redecorate your home for it. Do visit us if you need to pick bed linen or upholstery fabrics for your winter revamping.